SODEXHO - Catering Company for World Youth Day

Public protest – friday 19th – 4 pm – behind the cathedral

Protest on august 19th, Rhine shore


Stop the policy of deterrence of the city of Cologne

Saturday, 10th july - from 12 am  Manifestation and Picket
In front of the camp at the Vorgebirgsstraße (Corner Bonner Wall)

Saturday 17th july – 12 am  DEMONSTRATION

Angehängte Dateien: 

Rather no "Zuwanderungsgesetz" than such one

The right to reside, freedom of movement, equal rights for everybody

Due to the temporal withdrawal of the Green Party from the negotiations between government, parties and Bundesländer about a "Law to Regulate and Limit Immigration", migration has once more moved into the public focus.

Court trial against Cornelius Yufanyi for disrespecting the "Residenzpflicht"

Worbis/ Thüringen: Fax Campaign to be continued - Cornelius Yufanyi court trial on the 17.01.2002 is suspended

We appeal to all supporters and campaigners against the German Apartheid ”Residenzpflicht” - Residence Obligation and the restriction of movement for refugees to continue the protest fax campaign against the Worbis court trial of Cornelius Yufanyi.
You can make public the civil disobedience of the refugees' protest against the payment or fine for their freedom of movement.

Committee against State Racism


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