No Border Camp 2012 Cologne

Stop the War on Migrants and Refugees

"Since the 1990s, noborder camps are organized all over Europe . They are meeting points for people with or without migrant background and deal with subjects such as racism, migration, political asylum, deportation and many others.

Freedom, not Frontex

There cannot be democracy without global freedom of movement

Common Statement of
Welcome to Europe
Netzwerk Kritische Migrations- und Grenzregimeforschung

Karawane-Festival 4.-6.6. in Jena

The Caravan Festival 2010

For the rights of refugees and migrants in Europe

(June 4th – 6th, 2010 in Jena – Germany)

Unite against colonial injustice
in memory of the dead victims of Fortress Europe

Open Air Festival against Neo-colonialism and Racism

A place without racism, sexism and discrimination where everyone cares for each other!
A bastion of humanity and solidarity!

The organizers are looking for some artist that like to participate.

The full right of residence for All!

The full right of residence for All!

"As „tolerated refugees“ we live with permanent fear of deportation. Many of us have been woken up by the police and deported early in the morning.

Most of us have been living here for many years, Germany has been our home for ten or more years. In Cologne alone there are approximately 5000 „tolerated refugees“.

Oury Jalloh's Court Process Begins in March 2007 in Dessau.

Break the silence!

Come to Dessau on April 19 th-20th, May 8th-11th and 24th, June 12th-15 th and 18 th -22 nd 2007,

Observe the trial and participate in the permanent vigils, events and rallies during this time

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Info & Discussion

Legalize yourself!

Friday  27th april 2007 – 19 h
Café Tuba, Köln – Moselstr. 80

They squat churches, make demonstrations and hunger strikes; hundreds of “People without Papers” in Belgium fight for legalization.
Two activists from Belgium show a film and report their situation.
Freedom of question and discussion.


STAY HERE! Right of permanent residency!

Saturday, october 7th 2006
3:00 pm: Demonstration, Rudolfplatz, Köln
4:00 pm: Manifestation, Domplatte, Köln

with CLAN DESTINO feat. Red Rugged & Paco Mendoza, FULANI (afrozouk/caribbean beat), SAMSON KIDANE (Eritrea), MICROPHONE MAFIA, SOUNX OF COLONIA a.o.

Fotos: Gesa Vögele


12:00 h in front of the District Court Dessau

Meeting Point Berlin: 8:30 h S+U Friedrichstr.



Call for a 3rd day of Migration-Related Actions

7th october 2006

all over Europe and beyond ...


Demonstration for the right of permanent residence

About 200 people gathered in the center of Cologne for a colourful demonstration for the right to stay in Germany.

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