Break down & overcome Borders! Lift the ban on PKK!

Against the Conference of the Secretary of the Interior 2014

Nationwide demonstration against repression and isolation
Saturday 12/06/14 13h
Friesenplatz/ Ring Köln

Call to the affected of right violence in Cologne

The excesses of hooligans and neo-Nazis on 26 October in Cologne have revealed an incredible potential for threat and violence.

! travel warning !!

An EU-wide police operation with the name „mos maiorum“ is taking place from 13th to 26th of October. During two weeks 18.000 police forces will chase people without papers. They want to find out about our migration routes and arrest as many of us as possible.

Please warn all people without papers! Encreased controls are expected in trains, train stations, on airports, on highways and on inner-european borders.

Against fortress Europe!
No one is illegal!

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Film: BOZA

Tuesday, 30th september 2014 - 7:30 pm Filmhauskino Köln

Dir.: Walid Fellah; Tunisia/Morocco 2014;
OV w. Geman ST; DVD; 55 min.
by FilmInitiativ Köln within the Africa Film Festival "Out of Europe"

In the presence of the filmmaker Walid Fellah (Tunisia) and the activist Trésor (Cameroon)

Let‘s march for our freedom!

Meeting for refugees in Cologne
Saturday 3d May, 3 pm, Allerweltshaus, Körnerstr.77, Cologne-Ehrenfeld


We come from everywhere – to march from Strasbourg to Bruessels. May & June 2014

Solidaritäts-Aktion der Coloniacs

"Beim Auswärtsspiel in Aue haben wir als Gruppe eine kleine Solidaritäts-Aktion bestehend aus Doppelhaltern und T-Shirts für das Netzwerk »Kein Mensch ist illegal« durchgeführt. Dieser Zusammenschluss engagiert sich seit vielen Jahren für Flüchtlinge, die in Deutschland kein Bleiberecht erhalten oder abgeschoben werden.

Carnival in Cologne 2014

At the Qlosterstüffje
Venloerstr. 221, KVB Piusstr.

until the early morning
thursday from 4 pm
friday to monday from 7 pm
tuesday from 1 pm (for the Zoch of Ehrenfeld!)

For children: sunday 3 – 7 pm

Burning the Nubbel: tuesday at 11 pm

Köln macht blau!



Campaign §23

On 20th of June 2013 – the United Nations World Refugee Day – the approximately 300-member group of the Libyan war refugees “Lampedusa in Hamburg” proposed a solution to the Hamburg Senate and to the public.


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