Rather no "Zuwanderungsgesetz" than such one

The right to reside, freedom of movement, equal rights for everybody

Due to the temporal withdrawal of the Green Party from the negotiations between government, parties and Bundesländer about a "Law to Regulate and Limit Immigration", migration has once more moved into the public focus.

From our point of view, an even harsher than the already repressive and racist policy concerning migration is to be expected from the re-commencement of negotiations. The so few improvements proposed by the draft bill are at stake and may be deleted from the coming law:
-the recognition of persecution not only by states, but also from groups exercising power and rule as e.g. the taliban or civil war parties.
-the recognition of persecution on gender specific grounds.
-the long-term residence permits to be granted to refugees that have been residing in Germany for many years under specific conditions.

Instead, CDU/CSU threaten to impose a flood of new measures of repression with the consent of Schily. This includes imprisonment and deportation of refugees that are even menaced by folter and death because of mere suspected "terrorist" activity, a term which is ever being expanded and by now encompasses numerous opposition groups all over the world.

It remains to be remember however, that the draft bill already included a row of wholly unacceptable increasements of repression:
-The existence of up to a million of so-called "illegal" people in Germany was ignored and hence found acceptable. Through restrictions to the process of granting a "Duldung", yet another 170.000 people will be pushed into this situation or be deported from Germany.
-Through the end to the acceptance of political activity in Germany as a reason to grant asylum, political activism - a human right which a lot of refugees already risked their lives exercising in their home countries - would turn into un incalculable risk.
-Through the creation of so-called "Ausreisezentren", the number of refugees interned in detainment camps would again rise.

We say: Rather no "Zuwanderungsgesetz" than such one!

We will continue to struggle for
-the right to reside
-freedom of movement
-equal rights for everybody

As concrete first steps on this road we demand:
-the legalisation of all so-called "illegal" people and the abolishment of all laws that cause "illegality".
-the right to exercise political activity freely without all restrictions like the "Residenzpflicht" for asylum seekers.
-the abolishment of all forms of lager housing and deportation prison and an end to all deportations.

The Antiracist Forum
Munich, 9th of May 2004