Open borders - right of residence - solidarity with ALL refugees!

Saturday, October 3rd, 3 p.m.
Cologne, main station square
Rally supplying information, speeches and cultural program

Germany celebrates its 25th anniversary of German unity - breaking down borders and reuniting the country. Meanwhile Germany has become the country of hope for a lot of people, who left their homes behind because of discrimination, war, exploitation and ecological destruction.
For the refugees "Breaking down borders" means to fight for survival. Countless people died at and on the way to European borders. Those who succeed in fleeing to Germany face hospitality on the one hand, while they are confronted with incorrect political decisions and racially motivated attacks on the other hand.
The political debate and media coverage still aims for compartmentalization and outlawing.
An increasing number of refugees are listed as refugees of poverty, declining them the right to political asylum. The goal of it is separation of solidarity among the citizens and loss of rights due to new laws by the German government. As an example for the broad intensification of stricter asylum laws, the list of supposedly  safe countries has been expanded. This can be identified as fatal arbitrariness  by German government and the European Union.
Especially Roma and Sinti from the west Balkan peninsula are still facing discrimination, racially motivated attacks and resentment in  social and political sectors.
This also applies to India, Gambia, Cameroon and Senegal, who penalize homosexuality.

Breaking down borders means to us:
• We fight against the concept of "safe countries of origin" and the "centres of emigration" such as in Bavaria and soon to be in North Rhine-Westphalia.
• We demand the individual examination of refugees as the core aspect of asylum law.
• We protest against all forms of  group-specific discrimination, deportation arrest and prohibition of entry.
• We demand solidarity with all refugees - there is enough for everyone.
• We fight against racism, outlawing and deportation in every form.

We demand: Break down the borders! Right to asylum / solidarity with ALL refugees!

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