The full right of residence for All!

The full right of residence for All!

"As „tolerated refugees“ we live with permanent fear of deportation. Many of us have been woken up by the police and deported early in the morning.

Most of us have been living here for many years, Germany has been our home for ten or more years. In Cologne alone there are approximately 5000 „tolerated refugees“.

We have no future in our countries of origin. Our houses have been destroyed, there is extreme violence and civil war.

Our children were born here, they are growing up and visiting school here. Germany is their home country. Our Children are not permitted to start a profession, their lives have no hope.

We demand the right for Permanent Residency and the right to work to get a future for us and our children in Germany!"

(Taken from an appeal for a manifestation in Cologne, June 2006)

Even though only a small number of refugees still arrive in Germany, mass deportations are being prepared! Protection for refugees which has been awarded for people from war or civil war countries like Turkey, Kosovo, Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan have been cancelled.

By the end of 2009 the deadline for long-term "tolerated" people runs out.

In 2006 the conference of ministers for internal affairs decided that "tolerated" people shall be allowed to reside here under certain circumstances. This was a unique law but it only concerned 70.000 out of 180.000 "tolerated" people, that live in Germany for many years. The few people who have come later and those who´ll still be coming here  won´t get a chance for the right of residence and a life HERE.

From the beginning of 2010 on we expect  tens of thousands of people to be deported from Germany. Today - 2 months before the conference of ministers of internal affairs - we appeal for a demonstration on saturday, 3rd october ("day of german unity") in Cologne.

At 1 p.m.: Friesenplatz

From 3 to 5 p.m.: Manifestation / Concert on the place in front of the cathedral (Domvorplatz)

We demand a right for residence for all people who want / have to remain in Germany.

Information / Event:

"Right for Residence - Sealing of the External Frontier of the EU - Deportation from Germany with Claus-Ulrich Proelss (Kölner Flüchtlingsrat) und Gerda Heck (Uni Köln, Institut für Vergleichende Bildungsforschung und Sozialwissenschaften)
Thursday, 24th of September - 7:30 p.m.
Bürgerzentrum Alte Feuerwache (Projektraum), Melchiorstr. 3, 50670 Köln ( 5 min. walk from Ebertplatz )

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