We worked and lived in Libya, a country on our African continent, that gave us the possibility of a secure existence.
We never had the intention to come to Europe. Because of the NATO-intervention and their lies to guarantee the international „protection of the civil population“ resulted to the escalated of the war in Libya as we lost everything. Many people lost their lives. Some of us were sent out with overcrowded boats over the Mediterranean. This is how we got to Lampedusa. Many died in the Mediterranean. In Italy we lived under severe conditions until we received the refugee status. Afterwards there was nothing for us and Italy prompted us to go to other European countries. Now we are in France, Switzerland, Germany and other European countries living on the streets without means or rights. The European Union and the member states of the NATO are all responsible for our future. We are around 300 survivours of the war in Libya here in Hamburg.
We united to demand for a political solution and for recognition according to § 23 Aufenthaltsgesetzt (residence law). We would not be here if it wasn't for the war in Libya and the catastrophic conditions of human rights for refugees in Italy. We are exhausted and worn out from a long involuntary and horrible journey. We seek for an end of the refusal of our right to live. We are here to stay.
We hope for your solidarity.

Saturday, August 17th, 2013
2 pm, Hamburg- Main Station (Hauptbahnhof), Glockengießerwall

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