No Border Camp 2012 Cologne

Stop the War on Migrants and Refugees

"Since the 1990s, noborder camps are organized all over Europe . They are meeting points for people with or without migrant background and deal with subjects such as racism, migration, political asylum, deportation and many others. The camps want to strengthen the exchange of ideas and the networking of different groups and individuals. Last not least they initiate public actions and protests.

For 2012 several antiracist and left organizations, refugee networks and migrant groups from all over Germany expressed the wishfor a noborder camp in the region Cologne and Düsseldorf. The Düsseldorf airport is the main center of permanent charter flight deportations. Besides that, other focal point subjects such as antiziganism or everyday racism are planned.

The camp will take place between 13th and 22nd july 2012 in Cologne or its surroundings.

We cordially invite all interested peeople to participate in the camp and its preparation! There'll be many possibilties to do so: from topical discussions to the infrastructure, from the cultural fringe events to the planning of public actions."

actual informations: