Committee against State Racism

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We are an independent group observing how the police officers at the station (Bundesgrenzschutz/BGS, Federal Border Guard) carry out controls here in the main station. Reports that the station police intentionally pick out people who look „foreign“ or „different“ are becoming more frequent. These controls are legally permitted „independent of any concrete suspicion". Certain people are not allowed to stay in the Germany, those without „valid“ papers can be taken into custody and deported.
Through the work of the „committee against state racism" we want to make clear to the officers of Bundesgrenzschutz (BGS) that a growing number of people are against that institutionalised racism. We are gathering information to compile a report for publication.
We are working against threatening or violent behaviour shown by the police to refugees and „foreign" looking people. We call for an end to racist controls in stations and airports and demand that refugees are protected in Germany from persecution, war, torture and hunger and are allowed to live with dignity.
Contact us, if you see any racist behaviour by the police at the station.
Tel: 0221/510 18 47

Komitee gegen amtlichen Rassismus

Treffpunkt: 19.00 Uhr jeden ersten Dienstag im Monat im Allerweltshaus Köln
Körnerstr.77, 50823 Köln  -  Tel.: 0221/ 510 18 47  -  mail: