Demonstration for the right of permanent residence

About 200 people gathered in the center of Cologne for a colourful demonstration for the right to stay in Germany.

Tuesday, 13th june 2006, start at 2 p.m. Friesenplatz
Every year at the beginning of summer vacation a particularly high number of refugees is deported.
We therefore ask all the refugees in Cologne to demonstrate for their right to permanent residence in Germany.
It is important that you fight for a right of residence for yourself and your children.
So come all and join the demonstration!
We demand a perspective for us and our families in Germany!

Demo in the center of Cologne


We demand the right for permanent residency!

As „tolerated refugees“ we live with permanent fear of deportation. Many of us have been woken up by the police and deported early in the morning.

Most of us have been living here for many years, Germany has been our home for ten or more years. In Cologne alone there are approximately 5000 „tolerated refugees“.

We have no future in our countries of origin. Our houses have been destroyed, there is extreme violence and civil war.

Our children were born here, they are growing up and visiting school here. Germany is their home country.

Our Children are not permitted to start a profession, their lives have no hope.

We are not given permission to work but are forced to live from social welfare of 20% below the common level.

We are not allowed to live in common houses but are forced to live in special homes.

The continuation of our „tolerated“ status and the interpretation of the Foreigners’ Law (work permission, housing and professional formation) depends on the decisions of the Ausländeramt of Cologne.

We demand those responsible of Cologne to respect our human dignity.

We demand the right for Permanent Residency and the right to work to get a future for us and our children in Germany.

Please support our appeal!

Demo in the center of Cologne

Demo in the center of Cologne

Demo in the center of Cologne




Domplatte: Felix von Grünberg (MdR Bonn, SPD)

Domplatte: Drago and the children

Domplatte: Mutlu of the Microphone Mafia


It’s summertime!
The weather is fine, the sea is quiet and along the shores of the Canary Islands and Sicily each day refugees arrive from Africa and Asia. Several thousands of them get through to Europe, if they are not sent back to camps in the Libyan or Moroccan desert. Hundreds of others pay for the attempt with their lives, they drown or die from thirst in their tiny boats.
It’s summertime!
A time to make friends! Indeed?
In Düren, 50 km from Cologne, several hundreds of fans from the Ivory Coast were expected. The responsible manager of the city of Düren tells in an interview today, that he has got no detailed information about their whereabouts. „We have been told that many guests had wrong or insufficient documents not in accordance with the Schengen treaty. Therefore they were denied to enter Germany. (...) Not only the fans have problems with the visa, the official representatives have too. Two artisans were to join the group, but they didn’t get visa either.“ In Abidjan, the man continues, there has been a riot in front of the German embassy and Ivorian police used tear gas against furious fans.
That’s the real friendship and hospitality of Germany, the citadel in the heart of the fortress Europe. The hysteria within this fortress is as grotesque as it is barbarian. For years German parliaments and ministers of the interior have been discussing whether less than 200.000 refugees living here for a long time, people who can’t return to their countries destroyed by war, people whose home Germany has been or could be for many years, should no longer get a so called “toleration” and be deported. Or if at least some few very accepted people should be gracefully granted to stay.
It’s summertime!
School holidays are about to begin and Cologne is preparing the deportation of many families to countries like Bosnia, Iraq or Afghanistan. The deportation of children who have grown up and visited school here. This often provokes resistance from schoolmates, their parents and teachers. Six weeks of summer holidays are ideal: afterwards the family is simply gone, taken to the airport early in the morning under force.
But every time more people do not wait for being deported. They disappear, they try to manage to live in Germany on their own and if necessary without documents. They try to find a job on the black market for working force, as cleaners, private caregivers or cooks. It is better to live illegally in Germany than legally in a country, that you have left after horrible experiences, in which your house has been destroyed, where hate and fanaticism are ruling, where you don’t find a job for money, in which you don’t know where to send the children to school, who have learned to read and write in German.
Illegal, without documents, that means that here too it will become difficult for the children to continue going to school. It means that you can’t go to a doctor any more, not even in case of birth or severe illnesses. It means that employers or landlords might blackmail you. It means fear of being discovered and deported. Meanwhile some hundred thousands of people are living in Germany under such conditions. And German and European politics make sure that they become every time more.
But today we demonstrate against these politics. Today we make clear, that it provokes resistance. This demonstration is encouraging. It’s encouraging to all those, Germany wants to deport, all those living here undocumented, to stand up, to defend themselves, to reclaim their rights. The self-evident right to decide, where you are able and want to live. The right of education, of medical care, the right to earn your own living. In one word: the right for a life without fear of deportation.
Let’s continue the struggle for these rights: permanent residence, legalization, documents for everybody!

Jan Henkel (Kölner Netzwerk „kein mensch ist illegal“)

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