Stop the policy of deterrence of the city of Cologne

Saturday, 10th july - from 12 am  Manifestation and Picket
In front of the camp at the Vorgebirgsstraße (Corner Bonner Wall)

Saturday 17th july – 12 am  DEMONSTRATION

Criminalisation, withdrawal of social welfare, raids, discrimination as “illegally entered persons“ The list of the measures taken by the Cologne social welfare office and the office of foreigners against refugees is long and appalling. Especially concerned are Roma from Ex-Yugoslavia. The container camp on the premises of the chemical factory in Kalk and its „sucessor“, the containership in Deutz, were closed, but the inhumane living conditions of refugees in collective accomodations are un-changed.

„kein mensch ist illegal“ and many other groups want to protest with a week of activities against the policy of deferrence of the city of Cologne and bring their claims once more into public.


  • Stop the deferrence and criminalisation of refugees
  • No withdrawal of social welfare
  • Appartments instead of collective accomodations/camps
  • No deportations – a right to stay instead


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