For the right to the freedom of movement - No to deportation

Migration is reality

Migration has taken place since the beginning of history. The movements of migration existed long before there were any states and borders. They are, among other reasons, caused by the economic exploitation by the industrial countries. Migration stands for people's autonomous decision and action, in their pursuit of happiness, of a better life und often their fight for survival. Migration is a strategy of human beings and a world-wide social movement. It overcomes national borders and puts questions for civil citizenship and participation of wealth and rights on the agenda.

Migration control by governments serves economic and political interests

In the whole world, especially in the so-called rich countries, immigration politics is tightened up. The freedom of movement across borders is a matter of course only with the "correct" passport. People with the "wrong" nationality in a country are put at a disadvantage when seeking accesss to rights, jobs and income. Moreover, people are taken in or turned away, according to national demand. Laws concerning foreigners give employers more power over migrant workers, who are forced to accept unbearable conditions because of their precarious status. Cynically, they are also accused to worsen the general living conditions.

This fuels racism and nationalism. Inequality, competition and exploitation are basic elements and consequences of global capitalism – they are not consequences of migration.

National sealing-off is violence

The attempt to control or prevent migration in a capitalistic and patriarchal world is violence. States can illegalize migration, but they cannot prevent it. At the utmost, they can delay it and rise its costs, even of human lives. But migration remains legitimate.

Most human beings who set off on the African and Asiam continent strand in huge camps, many of them die in the desert or drown in the Mediterranean Sea. The fact that, unlike tourists, they cannot take a plane or a ferry in Tunis, is a political decision of European states. Nevertheless, people surmount borders and walls successfully and find a new home here. But many of them do not get a permanent permission to stay and are threatened by deportation, one of the most drastic tools of migration control.

Deportation is a crime by the state

Deportation violates the right of the freedom of movement, of life and physical integrity. Deportations complete the deadly military armament at the borders. Human beings are cooped up in camps. Deportation often means assaults at night, massive and traumatizing police operations, it tears children and young people away from school and grownups from their place of work. It tears families apart. It has deadly consequences.

The politics of deportation forms a permanent threat to a rising number of people. For years, hundreds of thousands live with the threat of removal orders and are only tolerated here. It is not clear if and when they will be deported. This means, people are kept in a legally unsafe situation, where they can hardly react against miserable living and working conditions. Deportations are meant to intimidate and discipline migrants. They are meant to keep up the existing inequality. This harms all of us!

All of us must decide – What do we want?

• We want common solutions for global social questions instead of deadly border regimes. Solutions, which satisfy everybody's needs for life, safety, autonomy, integrity, community, love, dignity and respect.

• We want broad resistance against and condemnation of all deportations, no matter by whom or why or to which country.

• We want everybody's right of free movement to be acknowledged, the right to come, leave or stay.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

We call upon you to act together with us!

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