Flight to a new world

15th March 2016 19.30 hs
VHS Forum im Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum - Cäcilienstraße 29-33, 50672 Köln-Neumarkt

Let’s talk about global migration and the real causes of it.
Let’s talk about German ‘welcome culture’ and open racism.
And let’s search for political answers to the present revolutions.
At the beginning, presentation of music and after 22 h further discussions, drinks and pretzels

Members of our panel are:

Thomas Gebauer, medico international (NGO www.medico.de/en/) is watching economic and political developments around the world.
Britta Rabe, watch the med alarmphone (NGO www.watchthemed.net/) is watching the Mediterranean Sea and flight routes.
Georg Restle, head of the WDR magazine Monitor (German ARD TV magazine) www1.wdr.de/daserste/monitor/index.html knows much about German asylum and refugee policy and Muriel Gonzales, historian, is, amongst others, observing the growing right-wing extremism in Germany
Moderation: Albrecht Kieser and Birgit Morgenrath

The old world of allegedly stabile national frontiers is irrevocably disappearing. Flows of commodities and capital/finances of the global players have not bothered about them for years. Worldwide migrations don’t stop at fences and borders anymore; because the profits of the former mean mortal dangers for the latter.

Refugees tell their stories of permanent wars, the selfishness of capitalists/elites, which produces permanent and deep poverty, of the destruction of their natural resources and livelihoods. They tell stories of the decomposition of whole societies and social life, of racism and sexism - bad living conditions which you may find in the whole world, even in the rich northern countries - that part of the world which has caused all these conditions in the past and presence.

WE are capable of revealing these grievances, we can fight them – together. To change the world for the better: with openness, solidarity and justice.
In the last months you could glimpse some of that vision in Germany, when refugees arrived, and many people supported and helped them. Whether the Cologne assaults and sex attacks are the beginning of the end of that period is also up to us: If civil society firmly opposes right wing forces. For while the German government and politicians pretend to protect women they restore and intensify all the restrictions of refugees’ rights in line with the slogan: ‘Abschotten – Ausgrenzen – Abschieben‘ (Seal off – Exclude – Deport) And they want to close borders again while not caring (as before) about thousands dying during their flights.

Let’s talk about global migration and its deeper reasons, let’s discuss the „Welcome Refugee Movement“ and racism and let’s find political answers to the big changes/challenges of our time.

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