Close European Homecare! Open the borders!

Come to our anti-racist Demonstration on June 30 2015 in Essen!
Global freedom of movement and a good life for everyone!

5 p.m. Essen Hauptbahnhof

Stop the dying in the mediterranean sea!

For years, tens of thousands of people are dying on Europes borders, at the attempt to escape poverty and prosecution. Though european politicians are regularly showing their pity, no legal escape routes are installed. Instead the military guards on Europes external borders are inforced. People will not stop to flee, no matter if Europe uses more violence sending back and destroying refugee boats. Europe, we all, carry direct responsibility for the many deads, in the mediterranean. We have enough of false statements of pity. We demand: Ferry boats, not Frontex! Europe must not invent “secure countries of origin”. It has to install safe escape routes.

Close European Homecare!
Money for housing, not for camps!

Refugees that make it to Germany are humiliated systematically. They are abused and excluded of all sorts of participation. Racism and catastrophobic circumstances in often miserable accomodation dominate their daily life. Deportation ist allways a threat. There are no common standards for accomodating refugees. It is privatised and carried out by the cheapest company. One example for this is European Homecare (EHC). Since Autumn 2014 there is a jurisdictial investigation against EHC and more than 50 persons of the security staff in EHCs refugee homes. They are accused of torture and abuse. Still the same company profits of running various refugee homes and camps. Nationwide refugees in these homes are guarded by security rather than finding assistance by socially trained staff. A climate of fear is willingly build up. Deportation and deterrence dominate asylum politics on all levels, including accomodation. Real gestures of a so called “welcome culture” are grudgingly left over to rising numbers of volunteers.

Fight racism!
Solidarity has to become practical!

For years refugees, at many places in Germany, are fighting against these circumstances and for their rights! They are not fighting alone! In Osnabrück for example, more than 30 deportations could be stopped by blockades where parts of the society showed their solidarity. In Essen cars, that had been used for deportations, were made unusable.

Repression against supporters

After the torture of refugees in EHC homes got public, the EHC headquarters in Essen have been squatted by activists on december 5th 2014. They demanded to close down the company. Now they are facing court trials. We wanna show our solidarity to people who stand up against the ruling asylum politics and profiting companys like EHC. So come also the following day to the demonstration on July 1st, 10 a.m., in front of Amtsgericht (local court) Essen.
In spite of the repression there are rising numbers of people who support refugees in their daily life and actively welcome them. Though the circumstances in Germany and in European Asylum politics often appear superior, with the new asylum law just to be introduced, there are many positive examples, how to change things for the better.
Let`s get on with it!

Let`s show many signs of solidarity!
Against the racist normality!
For a world without borders, where everyone can live without fear.